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GanreBiography & Memoir
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It explores Europe and its people before, during and after WWII, and contains the life and family stories of ordinary and well-known characters, as well as those of the two big players in this war, Stalin: The battered, intelligent boy, the poet with angelic voice, destined to become a priest, but instead turning into one of the most ruthless and cruellest, sharp-witted dictators of human history. Hitler: His yearning to become a famous bohemian painter, when rejected, was overcome by blind, enraged-hatred against all that was Jewish, Royal and Bolshevik, leading Germany into disaster. Excerpt: 1939, the beginning of WWII I remember that day only too clearly. I was six-years-old, it was early in the morning and still dark, when my father put on his police uniform and left for work unknowingly what gruesome event lay in store for him. I went to take his place in my parent’s bed, jumping up and down, when my mother told me to be quiet, as Adolf Hitler was supposed to make a speech. I never forget the crackling of the static in the simple radio and the announcer introducing the Fuehrer; never forget that aweful raspy sounding voice I heard for the first time. He said: “ People of Danzig, rejoice, you are now German.” And with that, we suddenly heard heavy artillery being fired. My mother quickly jumped out of bed, just as scared as I was. We dressed quickly and listened in horror. That very moment I never wanted any part of Hitler ever again. Anxiously we waited for my father to return. I still see him, distraught, exhausted and covered in dust. He told us that he had to go to the Polish Post Office, where Poles had refused to surrender. There was an exchange of fire and the whole building set alight from the outside. Those inside perished in agony. Others who had surrendered were shot. The carnage of the Polish people had begun. with about 130 photos
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