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This story is set in the early 50's in the South Indian state of Kerala, when the state and its people were in the grip of several social evils. The author showcases the trial and tribulations a typical lower caste family was subjected to during the said period. Sankara Iyer was a famous and prosperous astrologer who lived in a village in Palakkad district. Here too, the upper caste members held sway over the village and its people. These upper caste members were so discriminatory that they did not even allow women belonging to the lower caste to even cover their breasts ! They had to move around with the blouse and dhothi alone and this symbolized the fact that such people belonged to the lower strata and in a way was the way of profiling such people .

Sankara was ahead of his times and very progressive in his thoughts. He had a maid servant, Lakshmi kutty who served his family for long. Once a mysterious fever struck the village and Lakshmi lost her husband leaving her and daughter Parvathy to fend themselves. Sankara, provided food and clothing for Lakshmi and Parvathy and also put parvathy in school which was a revolutionary move in those days.

The upper caste feudal lords were incensed by Sankara's act and ostracized him and family. Sankara was compelled to shift his wife and children to a relative's house to save them from the feudal lords even while he continued to practise his trade in the village. Years rolled by and Sankara was leading a life which was incomplete without his family. He had pent up sexual desires which he ventilated on Lakshmi who did not protest and sought to repay her debt to Sankara by submitting to his sexual advances. The story takes us through their hot and steamy sexual encounter in vivid detail.

The feudal lords then decided to finish Sankara and poisoned him to death. His family members visited the village for his last rites after which the feudal lords did not rest. They cast their evil eyes on late Sankara's wife and hatched a plot to abduct her, which was known to Lakshmi kutty. She alerted Sankara's wife and helped them escape the village in safety not before taking their youngest son Balu into her custody. Lakshmi then sent Balu and Parvathy to their relative in Marthandam to be away from the evil land lords.

Balu grew up in the Company of Parvathy and was very fond of his 'chechi' (elder sister). He attained puberty and was sexually attracted to his 'chechi', even as he was very caring and protective. He grew up watching his sister undress before him and was attracted by her physical beauty. One day, Parvathy caught him taking a peek while she undressed and she decided to allow the young boy to give vent to his desires. They had sex and this brought them closer.

They had a neighbour called Alphonse who was an usurious money lender, who had an eye on Parvathy He once crossed his limits and Balu decided to punish him by hatching a plot with "Chechi" and serving him poisoned food, which incapacitated him permanently. Balu and Parvathy lived Happily ever after.

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